Top Ten Beautiful Women – my humble list

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My Top Ten List

 Everyone has a top ten list.  Top ten places to visit, top ten things to accomplish, top ten most beautiful people. There are many beautiful women in the world, and whoever said a woman cant appreciate other woman’s beauty is seriously mistaken.  Just to prove my point I would like to share my list of ten most beautiful women.  This is my humble opinion and I’m sticking to it.  They are not appearing in any particular order except for Ms Jolie, she will always be number one on my list.


Angelina Jolie – since she is my favorite, there is ten more.


Nina Dobrev


Carrie Underwood


Queen Latifah


Kate Beckinsale


Maggie Q


Adrianne Palicki


Jessica Stroup


Eva Langoria


Gabrielle Union


Drew Barrymore

Now you know my list.  

Alexa Stone,my newest chcaracter, has a list as well.  It is a list of top ten places she wants to have steamy sex in.  During a romantic evening, her boyfriend of six years, dumps her instead of proposing.  Who is to replace her?  Patty Blue.  She is everything Alexa isn’t.  Patty is blond, very thin and to Alexa’s utter astonishment, not too bright.  Things only get worse for Alexa when she finds out Patty is pregnant with Mark’s baby. 

The world is a dark lonely place as Alexa makes her way to the bottom of the proverbial tub filled with alcohol, that is until she bumps, literally, into mysterious stranger.  

Things get very interesting for Alexa from that point on.  My manuscript is nearly completed and I can’t wait to share it with the world.  I promise, I will keep you posted.  

So friends who would make your top ten list?  I would love to know.

Have a hot and steamy evening,



Tune in next month for the Top Ten Males that made my crazy list.  

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Times have changed, on dating and sex…

Sitting in the traffic, waiting for the row of cars ahead of me to move, I press my Bluetooth button.

“Hey girl,” my best friends voice booms in my ear.  I smile at her voice.  She has been my best friend for a long time.  Life would have been different without her and the group of friends I made over the years. 

As always we do recon on her last weekend.  She is the queen of dating scene.  I can hear the frustration in her voice, as she tells me once again about another date she had.   

We chat for another twenty or so minutes and then she has to go.  Apparently it’s easier to order set of four Starbucks coffee’s when you get off the phone.  I know she is trying to score points with her boss and the manager, but come on, I want to explore her latest horrid date. 

Thinking about what dating looks like today I realize times have changed…and not for the better.

This is perfect.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  I love the holiday, what’s not to love?  Men buy women gifts in hopes of getting into their panties, women buy panties hoping a man would rip them off.  It takes two to tango right?  So from my now blonde friend and my own thoughts…dating today.

I will start with what bothers me most…

What is up with the men trying to pick men up in the gym?  Okay, this is from experience.  What’s wrong with you?  You the guy in black t-shirt and lime green shorts.  You know who you are…There are six empty treadmills, why do you have to pick the one next to me?  I have been running for over half an hour.  I am sweating, and panting.  What makes you think this is a good time to strike up a conversation?  Is it the sweat running down my back and between my breasts?  Is it the heat flushing my cheeks? 

No.  Stop.  Turn around and walk away.  

Little tip for next time—I am working out, not a great time to hit on me.  I don’t feel sexy.  I just want to get my ass into shape so you can find me attractive and then hit on me.  If I am by the water fountain, or walking around the gym in full make up, please do come closer and talk to me, otherwise just let me sweat in peace.

If you happen to be in excellent shape, just take your shirt off, show me your six pack and allow me to drool over your pecs.  Believe it or not–it helps me work out. 

Times have changed.  Men used to pay for dinner and movies, and be alright with just a make-out session.  That was then, today women are expected to pay for themselves, and invite the men back home.  Most of young men, live home with your parents and don’t even own a car.  This is a reality of dating scene. 

So what do I think of that?

I think that this is horrible.  How are young people supposed to enjoy a date with a cloud of expectation hanging low and ominous, above their heads?  I blame the economy.  If young men had jobs, they wouldn’t have to live home with their parents, they would have the money to pay for dinner and a movie, they would also have the self esteem to know how to invite the woman back home and maybe, just maybe have the hottest sex ever. Having a car would help that self esteem.  The economy must change for the better, otherwise where is the hope for youth of our nation? 

There used to be a three month rule before you even thought about having sex, now apparently it is a three date rule and men move on.  Three dates really?  

If you find yourself naked on this Valentine’s Day or any other day, make sure you practice safe sex.  

So to my friend, I will carry that torch for you, shedding light onto the satin sheets and sweat covered bodies.  I will tell tales of passion and great orgasms, just to put a smile on your face and so many like you.

Have a hot and steamy evening,


My Characters…where do they come from?

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Characters, who are those people?

Sitting across my dining room table, I squeeze my coffee cup.  The liquid is cold, but I can’t taste the aroma, as I watch my best friend.  She is reading a story I finished last night.

“And?”  I ask her wanting to know what she thinks.  Her one manicured finger goes up.  She is shushing me.  Yes, my best friend just shushed me.  I can’t believe it either.  Unable to take the suspicion anymore, I shove a croissant into my mouth, not thinking about my waist line. 

When she is done reading, she asks me “Who are those people?” 

Her question startles me.  “What people?” I have no idea what she means.  She points to the story, rolling her eyes in the universal ‘a da’ way.  I know she means my characters.  At first I get defensive, but from the look on her face I know she isn’t insulting them.  My friend, whose name I promised not to mention, just wants to know.  She is curious. 

 I think of Alexa Stone, my newest character. Smiling, I tell my friend all about her.  Alexa is smart and witty and she has a top ten list of places she wants to have sex.   My redhead friend wants to have Alexa’s life and steamy encounters. I tell her, she can.

 Then I think of Roxy – a fairy who uses her talents to find a suitor for her Princess, but what she finds is so much more…  All my characters have names, feelings, and their own stories, but where they come from is a question I want to dwell on.  In my case, they just come to me wanting their story be heard.  They are inspired by real people; the deli girl in a grocery store with a beautiful smile, who secretly likes to be tied up.  The young man who hands me a bag with fast food, I think his name is Caleb, he goes to his best friends house every weekend just to watch his mother in a bikini.  The man with five o’clock shadow in the black Camaro flicking a cigarette from his window, who underneath all that machismo wants to be dominated, and the hot young man who plays volleyball and dreams about having sex in a public place.

Their stories come to me, true or not, they are true to me.  I paint the picture across the pages, hoping that I will make one person smile, make them forget about their life. 

So who are those people? 

There is just one honest answer I can give.  They are you and me, and my redhead friend– anyone who wants to have a little fun.    

Have a hot and steamy evening,  I won’t judge…


Journey of one writer…

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My Journey, 

Ever since I was a little girl, making up stories was my favorite thing to do.  When I was seven, my mom found it endearing.  At ten it was adorable.  I expanded from the journal pages to the real-life applications, that was when my whole family started to consider my storytelling more of a nuisance than adorable quirk.  That is all except for Lester.  He was my best friend, my confidant.  At fourteen, well at fourteen my mother thought it was time to stop.  I considered it for a moment, and then I listened to Lester and never looked back.

It was also around that time, I learned to keep two journals.  The first one was a medium size notebook with beautiful pink rose on the cover.  This one was filled with stories of young love and first kisses.  Second one was different.  Inside black, unassuming cover first kisses turned into steaming scenes that made all my friends blush.

My Fairies had round breasts, my Princesses were not so innocent and Princes driven by so much more than a promise of first kiss.  It was there in that journal where I started to explore the other side of fairy tales.

Revisiting some stories from my black book.  Yes I’m laughing at the irony myself, I decided to expand on the tales that brought me joy and laughter.  From a young woman’s imagination to steamy romances she observed and was part of, I am ready to share them with more than just my closest friends.

I am ready to share two stories with you.  First one is  “Alexa Stone Top Ten List”  Part I will be coming out in February 2013.  My second project is series of stories with little magic in them Fairy Tales of Sexual Awakening Series will first installment of “Tale of One Fairy” will be coming out in May 2013.  I hope you will take time to read them.

Have a steamy night or day, I won’t judge,


“The Next Big Thing” Blog Tour

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Thank you for inviting me to join the party and tell everyone little bit about my next adventure.  I was invited by a wonderful author

Eve A. James

so visit her page and make sure to leave a comment.

What is the title of your next book?

“Alexa Stone Top Ten List”

Where did the idea come from for the book?

I took a new Camaro for a ride.  It was a beautiful, hot day.  All of the sudden sky opened and rain came down hard.  The steam rolled all around the car and the ruby red paint was glistening.  I walked out and felt the rain on my face, cooling the heat that was rolling all around me.  Closing my eyes I saw a scene from the best steamy romance I could ever imagine.  I wrote it down, and the rest is just history…

 What genre does your book fall under?


 Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Alexa is like the character from “Dangerous Beauty”  beautiful and full of sex-appeal,  without knowing it.  She combines the innocence of Danielle from the “Happily Ever After” and intensity of Mrs. Smith from “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, she just doesn’t realize it yet.


Quinn is a mystery, a man who knows no boundaries.  He believes that rules are made to be broken and he finds Alexa irresistible. Why?  Because he can.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

The night Alexa thought will bring her a proposal from Mark, she gets dumped and on the way home meets stranger who will fulfill a fantasy she didn’t know she had, and that is just the beginning of Alexa’s sexual awakening.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?


How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

I am still writing, letting the creative juices flow.  I am planning on finishing all ten parts by September 2013.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

It is steamy and hot, but it is not your typical romance.  Alexa’s heart is broken, so instead of love, I decides to explore the hunger of sexual awakening.  My main focus is Alexa and her dreams and fantasies, she didn’t have enough courage to voice out.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

I love erotica and romance stories. I’ve read many and I hate to say only few can surprise me.  I wanted to write a story that will not be a romance, but a quest to fulfill hidden desires.

What else about your book might pique the reader interest?

Alexa was taught to be a proper girl, she never experimented, but when she gets dumped all of that changes.  The pain unleashes the wild side she never suspected of having, and the stranger she meets helps the tigress hidden inside.

I read many things by indie authors.  There are few I am keeping my eyes on.  Don’t be surprised not all write erotica, so visit their blogs for a surprise.

Lori Meyer

Steve Mitchell:

Marc Stevens


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Welcome to my blog.  I write erotica with a touch of romance.  Here you don’t have to feel guilty about your dreams and desires.  I know, I don’t…

From a one-night-stand with a stranger, to seducing your next-door-neighbor, all your fantasies will be fulfilled.  Please make sure you visit often, for news and updates, don’t forget to bookmark this blog.  Enjoy your visit.  I live in my own world, where just one look at a hot stranger is seconds away from becoming a steaming story to be written.  My stories in progress include “Alexa Stone Top Ten List” and “Fairy Tales of Sexual Exploration”

Until next time,